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By Fernanda Luz Moraes, President of the Rotaract Club of Cachoeirinha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

When I began participating in Rotaract in 2012, I viewed it as a way to spend my weekends doing something good in my community. But then I realized it is so much more than that.

I have met many other members of Rotaract who have a hard time explaining the passion that comes over them for doing volunteer work. The best way I can put it is this: We think globally, then act locally.

I want to change the world, and in order to make it happen, I know I need to develop my leadership skills and abilities. I need to connect to people from all over, from every culture and many different occupations, to gain new ideas and fresh perspectives. I also need to act in a way that inspires leadership in others. We take action and encourage other people to act to make things happen.

I have been cultivating love, enthusiasm, and happiness most of my life. Why shouldn’t I make these things part of my Rotaract experience as well? We have a lot of work to do and many people to develop. We also have much we can learn from them and alongside them.

To me, those are the three secrets of Rotaract: love, enthusiasm, and happiness. Love, because love guides the world. Enthusiasm, because enthusiasm transforms problems into solutions and positive attitudes into tangible results. Happiness, because happiness blinds us to sadness and discouragement, and motivates us to keep making the world better.

Over the years, I have learned that Rotaract embodies all of these things. This is the way we can change our lives and change the world.

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RotaractGBI Team Blog post by Renate Schiefler


Your role in RotaractGBI: Treasurer

How long have you been a member of Rotaract? 5 years

Which club(s) have you been/ are you a member of? Rotaract Club of Perth, Western Australia, currently part of Rotaract Club of Westminster,  I was also a Honourable Member of the Medway Rotaract Clubs when it was running.

Which 5 words would you use to describe Rotaract? International, Community, Experiences, Open, and Peace

My time in Rotaract so far…

I have been part of Rotaract since 2010. I was the Treasurer in Rotaract Club of Perth. In the Rotaract Club of Westminster I have been involved in charity and social events. I co-ordinated a charity project where I organised a group of Rotaractors to visit a Residential Home. I hope to continue this next year. I hope to do more for the club as we both grow together.

You can contact Renate here 

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RotaractGBI Team Blog post by Chike Eduputa


Your role in RotaractGBI: Country Representative for European Rotaract Information Centre (E.R.I.C)

How long have you been a member of Rotaract? 3 years

Which club(s) have you been/ are you a member of? Rotaract Club of Westminster

Which 5 words would you use to describe Rotaract? Friendships, Service, Networking, Global, Fun

My time in Rotaract so far…

Full of excitement with the knowledge that there is more to come. I have met and built true friendships for life both in my club and across the world who continue to inspire me with the desire to serve. I am a proud ambassador for Rotaract and having lived through the potential it can become from my experience in other countries, I am excited to be a catalyst to ignite the fire in Great Britain and Ireland.

12181841_10153690562559104_370239055_n 12179962_10153690565824104_674568081_n 12170686_10153690564464104_628485412_n

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RotaractGBI Team Blog post by Tom Silverson.


Your role in RotaractGBI: Marketing & Communication Officer

How long have you been a member of Rotaract? 5  years

Which club(s) have you been/ are you a member of? INSIGHT, The Rotaract Club of Littlehampton

Which 5 words would you use to describe Rotaract? Opportunities, Development, Networking, International & Community

My time in Rotaract so far…

I started my journey in Rotary/Rotaract in 2009 when I took part in the District 1250 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards where I gained valuable skills and developed my understanding about Rotary and Rotaract and the opportunities it offered.

3165_1091467059701_249244_n 3165_1091463219605_6952499_n 2800_1109989799358_5611509_n

  Don’t you just love the blond hair!

My journey continued in 2010 where I was a founder member of INSIGHT, The Rotaract Club of Littlehampton. In 2012/13, I became Club President.

38286_1506638595610_1663132_n  1052717_10201292812104611_971646375_o

In 2014/15 I took on the role of District Rotaract Representative in 1250, sitting on the Membership Services District Committee and talking at club meetings and events. When 1250 became 1145 I returned to the role of DRR and this year, I have my own committee which will help Rotary Clubs sponsor new Rotaract Clubs with our help. I am the Chairman of the Rotaract District Committee, leading a team of 3, I aim to drive change by developing and implementing new processes and structures for the organisation. I liaise between the Rotaract clubs, Rotaract on a national level and Rotary International, I also help to create more Rotaract Clubs within the District & promote Rotaract to Rotary Clubs and the public. I recently spoke about developing Rotaract at the Rotary 1145 Conference with our Chair, Lou Moss. We took this photo:


In August, I became the Marketing & Communications Officer for Rotaract in Great Britain & Ireland. I am looking forward to the rest of the year, not only re-branding RotaractGBI with the new logo and creating new Marketing materials but engaging clubs with RotaractGBI again, by ensuring Rotaract in Great Britain & Ireland are always communicating with it’s members. Furthermore I will be working on RotaractGBI’s online presence (Facebook, Website, Twitter etc…) & contacting the media about RotaractGBI projects and events.

Check out my new Facebook page, all about sharing the good news of Rotaract here.

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 REM – Poznań Blog by Jasmyn Stitch (Marketing & Communication Officer District 1145)

From October 8th to 11th the city of Poznań, Poland was filled with almost 350 Rotaractors from 35 different countries mingling with the 552,393 inhabitants and learning about their city. What a feat! If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed; The Welcome Party at Browar Pub Słodownia, which was an absolute blast! It kicked off at 21h00 underneath the Old Brewery Shopping Mall, Stary Browar.

CheckInRACPoznan WelcomeParty Wine&CiderRACPoznan

If you ever find yourself in Poznań, you can’t miss the Shopping Mall – it’s just over 130 000 m², home to over 210 shops, galleries and eateries. It’s built on the base of a historic factory, the former Brewery Huggerów, which was one of the biggest breweries in Poznań (in the 1600s there were an estimated 72 to 78 breweries in the city, and Poznań was once one of the biggest producers of cider in all of Europe)! So it was only appropriate to be offered some complimentary Polish alcohol in the Old Brewery when the party began! It went on until the early hours of the morning, which made it difficult for some to get out of bed for breakfast the next day.

For the better part of Friday people were attending the extra activities – canoeing on the Cybina river, Brewerish Poznań (which included touring the Old Brewery and local pubs), the Rogal Workshop (this included learning how to make the St Martin’s croissant, which can only be made in Poznań – in a very Rotaract fashion, these delicious croissants are made to feed the poor as well as to be sold!), the Fiat City Tour (who doesn’t want to tour in through the post-communist areas of Poznań in a Fiat 125p or a Fiat 126p, the symbols of post-communist Poland?), Polish Wine and Polish Cider tasting (which included locally made cheeses and meats – yum!), and the walking City Tour through the old parts of Poznań. These activities were spread out through Friday and Saturday. From 18h00 the Country Representatives had their Country Booths set up at the Apollo Cinema to showcase their countries before the Opening Ceremony at 19h30.

FiatTourRACPoznan CityTour CityTourRACPoznan   RussiaCountryBooth2 RussiaCountryBooth1 GermanyCountryBooth GreeceCountryBooth

During the Opening Ceremony we had a word from our lovely HOC team before the Flag Ceremony and the National Anthems. District 2230 Governor Barbara Pawlisz of the Rotary Club of Sopot International gave a lovely speech about the international connections of Rotaract, the President of the Rotary Club of Poznań Paweł Bugajny talked about how Rotaract is the future of Rotary, and District 2230’s Rotaract Representative Marcel Trzak from the Rotaract Club of Kraków Wawel gave us a very warm welcome and made it very clear that all Rotaractors are welcome in District 2230 (which is one of the largest Districts in Rotary – it includes Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine! and will be well looked after. After these speeches a troupe of Traditional Polish Dancers came on stage and blew us away – this wasn’t just the Polka!

DancersRACPoznan TraditionalDancers REMSignPhoto PoznanHOC HOCDRRPresidentDistrictGov

Once the Opening Ceremony was closed, and REM Poznań had officially started, we were served delicious Polish cuisine (a word of advice – if you see something that looks like mashed potatoes, double check with someone before shovelling a giant spoonful in your mouth – you may discover that it’s fat that you’re supposed to spread on bread…you only make that mistake once!) and ushered off to the Opening Party at Blueberry Bar. The Opening Party was a great chance for the Rotaractors to mingle and get to know each other better!

TraditionalAccordion UKReps TraditionalFood

Saturday brought more of the extra activities, as well as the E.R.I.C (European Rotaract Information Centre) Meeting from 9h00 to 16h00. They assure us that they were talking business, the topic being “Rotaractors Doing Business Together”, but if you look at the videos they’ve posted you may not be convinced!

ERICWorkshopsRACPoznan KeepCalm BrewerishRACPOZNAN

The poker-themed Gala Dinner started at 20h00 at the Earth Hall in the Poznań Congress Centre. Luckily, buses were arranged so that the participants wouldn’t have to walk in the cold in their beautiful black tie attire (especially the ladies – ankles and toes get quite chilly when it’s -2C out!).

The guests felt like superstars walking down the red carpet that was laid down and being handed glasses of sparkling wine. The wait in the foyer wasn’t long, and everyone was soon rushed into Earth Hall to find their tables and mingle. The HOC team gave a lovely speech and invited the REM Saint Petersburg team, as well as the newly voted REM Athens team, to come up and give a few words. E.R.I.C President Veronica Bradaschia shared her thoughts on Poznan’s REM and held a minute’s silence for the tragic events that happened in Ankara, Turkey over the weekend.

Dinner was a delicious five-course affair which was later danced off into the wee hours of the morning. If people weren’t dancing they were trying their luck at the poker tables, making silly faces in the photo booths, or taking as many selfies with their international friends as possible!

PokerRACpoznan GalaDinnerRACPoznan ERICHOCRACPoznan

Sunday was a sad day for everyone – some had extra adventures and set off for them, but most of us made our teary partings and trudged off to the buses that were waiting to take us off to the airport. These were “See you later”s rather than “Goodbyes” – that’s the wonderful thing about the Rotary family, and the age of modern technology, nobody is too far out of reach.
All in all, it was an incredible adventure and a fantastic way to meet international members of the Rotaract family.

Do you like the sound of a REM Meeting and want to learn more? Check out the E.R.I.C website, the REM Poznań site where you can also find photos and more information about what has been described here, or get in touch with one of your local District Committee Members who will be able to tell you more! If we’ve already convinced you, and you want to know about the next REM, check out the REM St Petersburg Facebook Page! Registration opens on October 15th, 2015 and the REM is January 7th to January 10th (if you don’t decide to attend the PRE-REM Trip to Helsinki or the POST-REM Trip to Moscow)!

If you’d like to know more about REMs past, present, or future (or about EUCO/European Convention) or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jasmyn Stich, the author of this article, Epsom Rotaract International Officer and District 1145’s Rotaract Communications Officer, at or Chike Eduputa the ERIC Representatvie of RotaractGBI on

The wonderful photos are courtesy of Craig Simons of the Rotaract Club of Hempstead, Hendon, and Golders Green as well as the Rotaract Club of Poznań.