A Rotary District is a group of Rotary Clubs in a specific area or region. There are about 530 districts worldwide and 26 within Great Britain and Ireland. Each District elects Rotaractors that have proven leadership skills to represent them.

District Governor

Each Rotary District is led by a District Governor, an elected Rotarian who serves as an officer of Rotary International. The Governor appoints the District Rotaract Chair to support the organization and development of Rotaract clubs.

District Rotaract Chair

The District Rotaract Chair administers the Rotaract program and assists Rotary Clubs that sponsor Rotaract Clubs. Each Rotary year, the District Rotaract Chair receives materials from RI to help strengthen the Rotaract program in his or her area. District Rotaract Chairs help RI maintain an accurate record of Rotaract Clubs. They regularly reconcile their district’s list of Rotaract Clubs with RI’s records and follow up with Rotaract Club Presidents in their district to ensure that club contact and membership information is updated with RI every six months.

District Rotaract Representative

A District Rotaract Representative should be elected from among the membership of all Rotaract Clubs within the District to serve as co-chair of the District Rotaract Committee and as a representative of the Rotaract program in the District. Under the supervision of the District Governor, this representative works to improve communication among Rotaract clubs and to help them coordinate activities and projects with one another and with their sponsor Rotary Clubs.

District Rotaract Committee

The District Rotaract Committee, co-chaired by the district Rotaract Chair and District Rotaract Representative, is composed of equal numbers of Rotarians and Rotaractors. The committee sponsors Rotaract District meetings and provides leadership training for Rotaract Club officers. It also helps to publicise Rotaract throughout the District, promotes the organisation of new Rotaract Clubs, plans District wide projects and activities, and recommends resources to strengthen clubs and increase their effectiveness.


Detailed information on the role and responsibilities of the District Rotaract Chair, District Rotaract Representative, and Rotaractors on the District Rotaract Committee can be found in the Guide for District Rotaract Representatives.