The European Rotaract Information Centre (E.R.I.C.) is a multi-district information organisation disseminating information and facilitating friendships between European Rotaract clubs.


Founded in 1988 E.R.I.C includes representatives from every European country and also has an Executive Committee. You can find out more about E.R.I.C. by visiting

To aid international exchange E.R.I.C. holds two smaller meetings (REM) and a conference (EUCO) each year. They provide European Rotaractors the opportunity to come together, exchange ideas, make new friends and learn about other cultures.

Rotaract European Meeting (REM)

The Rotaract European Meeting (REM) is a bi-annual event hosted in a different European country each time. A REM usually includes an E.R.I.C. meeting, workshops, gala dinner and sightseeing.

European Conference (EUCO)

An European Conference is held annually spanning five days, from Wednesday to Sunday. One day is assigned to an E.R.I.C meeting whilst another is dedicated to the actual conference and workshops. The remaining three days are reserved for sightseeing and socialising. Without fail evening entertainment will be provided, including a gala ball.

Bidding for REM and EUCO

Any European Country can bid to host REM or EUCO, if your club or district is interested please contact the RGBI E.R.I.C. representative.

You will need to arrange, through negotiation, sponsorship and support (some of which are stipulated):

  • A registration and payment process
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Meeting Venues
  • Evening Activities (e.g. Welcome dinner)
  • Basic Sightseeing (e.g. A walking tour)
  • Social Project
  • Gala Dinner

Your submitted bid will then be assessed alongside the other bids by the E.R.I.C. executive committee. It is strongly advised that you talk with the organisers of a past event, who will have plenty of advice to offer.

E.R.I.C. Awards

Every year E.R.I.C. presents two awards at the EUCO conference.

Best European Service Project (BESP) Award

The Best European Service Project is organised to:

  • Create awareness for the diversity of service projects carried out by European Rotaract Clubs
  • Provide Rotaract Clubs / Districts with ideas for possible projects
  • Share experiences gained during the organization of service projects
  • Encourage communication between Rotaractors/Clubs on a national and international level
  • Projects with an international character will be uprated. The club or district that wins the contest receives one free place for the next EUCO.

Key criteria to apply for BESP award:

  • Finished project by the time of application
  • Organized during previous or current Rotary year
  • Organized by Rotaract Club
  • Social focus

Twin Club Award (TCA)

The Twin Club Award aims to encourage Rotaract Clubs from different districts and countries to establish a joint partnership.

Twin Clubs need to have strong ties between each other and have agreed to complete a special programme such as an international service project, friendship exchange or cultural exchange. The Twin Clubs Award is organised to:

  • Emphasize the international avenue of Rotaract service and friendship
  • Establish a long-term relationship with another club that lead to on-going projects
  • Enhance the understanding of another culture and each other’s differences

Key criteria to apply for the TCA:

  • Two clubs from different countries
  • Twin Club agreement
  • At least one joint project within previous or current Rotary year
  • Long-term cooperation