RotaractGBI is a Multi-District Information Organisation (MDIO), which was formed in 1993 and covers Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands & Isle of Man; encompassing districts 1010 to 1285.

Our main aim is to disseminate information around all 26-member districts however we hold no legislative power. As an information organisation, the purpose of RotaractGBI is to:

  • Disseminate information to all member districts and clubs
  • Facilitate communication between clubs and districts
  • Provide assistance and support to District Rotaract Committees
  • Provide training for District Rotaract Representatives (DRRs)
  • Represent all Rotaract Clubs & DRRs in communications with Rotary International & Rotary International in GB&I (RotaryGBI)

Achieving our objectives

In order to achieve our objectives our activities include but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining the RotaractGBI website as a central resource for all Rotaract Clubs
  • Hosting an annual conference for all Rotaractors and Rotarians within GB&I
  • Development of useful assets such as document templates and promotional materials
  • Organising Council meetings
  • Providing an RotaractGBI Mailing lists

2016/17 Executive

Position Name Club District
Chairman  Tom Silverson INSIGHT, Littlehampton 1145
Past Chairman Luke Addison Winchester University 1110
Chairman Elect
Marketing & Comms Jamie Cole  Cardiff  1150
E.R.I.C Rep Karolina Dimitrova  Westminster  1130