Rotaract in Great Britain & Ireland (RGBI) is a Multi-District Information Organisation (MDIO), which was formed in 1993 and covers Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands & Isle of Man; encompassing districts 1010 to 1285.

Our main aim is to disseminate information around all 26-member districts however we hold no legislative power. As an information organisation, the purpose of RotaractGBI is to:

  • Disseminate information to all member districts and clubs
  • Facilitate communication between clubs and districts
  • Provide assistance and support to District Rotaract Committees
  • Provide training for District Rotaract Representatives (DRRs)
  • Represent all Rotaract Clubs & DRRs in communications with Rotary International & Rotary International in GB&I (RotaryGBI)

Achieving our objectives

In order to achieve our objectives our activities include but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining the RotaractGBI website as a central resource for all Rotaract Clubs
  • Hosting an annual conference for all Rotaractors and Rotarians within GB&I
  • Development of useful assets such as document templates and promotional materials
  • Organising Council meetings
  • Providing an RotaractGBI Mailing lists

2016/17 Executive

Position Name Club District
Chairman Luke Addison Winchester University 1110
Past Chairman Louise Moss INSIGHT, The Rotaract Club of Littlehampton 1145
Chairman Elect Tom Silverson INSIGHT, The Rotaract Club of Littlehampton 1145
Administrator Guy Boocock  Southampton University  1110
Marketing & Communications tbc
E.R.I.C Rep tbc