A Rotary District is a group of Rotary clubs in a specific area or region. There are about 530 districts worldwide and 26 within Great Britain and Ireland. Each district elects Rotaractors that have proven leadership skills to represent them.

A district Rotaract committee, co-chaired by the district Rotaract chair and district Rotaract representative, is composed of equal numbers of Rotarians and Rotaractors. The committee sponsors Rotaract district meetings and provides leadership training for Rotaract club officers. It also helps to publicise Rotaract throughout the district, promotes the organisation of new Rotaract clubs, plans district wide projects and activities, and recommends resources to strengthen clubs and increase their effectiveness.

Great Britain & Ireland Districts Map

The 26 districts within Great Britain and Ireland are:


District Area Contact
1010 North & East Scotland D1010@rotaract.org.uk
1020 South East Scotland D1020@rotaract.org.uk
1030 North East England D1030@rotaract.org.uk
1040 North & West Yorkshire D1040@rotaract.org.uk
1060 West Midlands D1060@rotaract.org.uk
1070 East Midlands D1070@rotaract.org.uk
1080 East Anglia D1080@rotaract.org.uk
1090 Thames Valley D1090@rotaract.org.uk
1100 Western England D1100@rotaract.org.uk
1110 Hampshire, South East Wiltshire & East Dorset D1110@rotaract.org.uk
1120 Kent & part of East Sussex D1120@rotaract.org.uk
1130 North & Central London D1130@rotaract.org.uk
1145 Sussex, Surrey & South London D1145@rotaract.org.uk
1150 South Wales D1150@rotaract.org.uk
1160 Ireland D1160@rotaract.org.uk
1175 North & Mid Devon D1175@rotaract.org.uk
1180 Merseyside & North Wales D1180@rotaract.org.uk
1190 Lancashire & Cumbria D1190@rotaract.org.uk
1200 Somerset, Dorset & West Wiltshire D1200@rotaract.org.uk
1210 Shropshire & Staffordshire D1210@rotaract.org.uk
1220 Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire D1220@rotaract.org.uk
1230 Western & South Western Scotland D1230@rotaract.org.uk
1240 Essex D1240@rotaract.org.uk
1260 Hertfordshire, South Bedfordshire & North Buckinghamshire D1260@rotaract.org.uk
1270 South Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire D1270@rotaract.org.uk
1285 North Manchester D1285@rotaract.org.uk