If there is not a Rotaract club in your community or university then you can start one!

The Rotaract Handbook tells you everything you need to organise and manage your new club, but here is a quick list of what you’ll need to get started:

  • sponsor Rotary club to provide support and partnership
  • An adviser from your sponsor club
  • A faculty adviser (if it’s a university-based club) to serve as a liaison between your sponsor Rotary club and the university administration
  • Members (a minimum of 15 charter members is recommended)
  • Strong club leaders to help organise your club, grow your membership, and carry out successful projects

RGBI are also on hand to offer lots of useful help and advice, if you are considering starting a club please contact us.

Where can I find members for our club?

Whether you’re starting a new club or part of an existing one, you can find potential members by publicising your club activities in your community and university. Here are some other ideas:

  • Post updates to your club website or blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account
  • Organise special events in your community
  • Use the Rotaract Promotional Kit
  • Invite potential members to your service projects, social events, and networking nights
  • Encourage attendees to interest and organisational meetings to invite their friends and colleagues to future meetings

Club Certification

Once your prospective Rotaract club has a strong membership base, you can apply for certification (or charter) from Rotary International. Your club must:

  • Hold elections for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and other members of the board
  • Develop a membership plan to ensure that your club includes members of different ages and genders
  • Establish annual club subscription fees
  • Determine where and when meetings will be held (clubs must meet at least twice a month, but are free to consider a range of options, including meeting in person, online, or a combination of the two.)
  • Begin planning service activities, fundraising events, and the inaugural ceremony
  • Help members understand the constitutional documents

Finally work with your sponsor Rotary club to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Complete the Rotaract Club Certification Form
  • Have the form signed by your Rotaract club president, sponsor Rotary club president, and the district governor
  • Pay the US $50 organisation fee (normally paid by the sponsor Rotary club)
  • Send the form and fee to:

RI in Great Britain and Ireland
Rotary International
Kinwarton Road, Alcester
England B49 6PB

Tel: 44-1789-765-411
Fax: 44-1789-765-570
Email: secretary@ribi.org

The certification process takes about four weeks at the end of which, the sponsor Rotary club will receive your club’s Certificate of Organization from Rotary International.

What’s next?

Congratulations! As you begin planning for your first year, remember to seek out the advice and help of your sponsoring Rotary club and refer to the resources available through Rotary International.

Active members are the key to a successful club. A Rotaract club should provide opportunities for networking, community and international service, professional development, and socializing. Make sure your first year involves a variety of activities and projects for everyone.